In addition to our regular repair and build services, ICIS is adding a "Computer Maintenance" service package.
The cost of this package is $95.00 + tax and includes 2 hours of bench time to run the check-points below.

The check-points included in this package are aimed at avoiding the types of issues we see on many computers that cause them to run poorly and often lead to costly repairs

Repair Services

  • Infection removal - trojans, malware, spyware, virii
  • Software + hardware upgrades
  • Test and replace faulty hardware
  • Data recovery and retrieval for non-functional and/or damaged systems
  • Extensive multi-pass RAM + HD integrity scans
  • Installing and setting up scheduled backup system

Maintenance Package

Multi-Point Service Check includes items listed below:

  • Check that all cooling fans are working properly
  • Check that all air vents, fan grills, and heat sinks are clear of obstructions
  • Check that the Operating System has all current critical updates
  • Check that the anti-virus software is updated and active
  • Check that the system is free of spyware, malware, and viruses
  • Check that the RAM (memory) is adequate for the Operating System
  • Check that the Hard Drive has the minimum recommended free space
  • Remove temporary files to create additional free Hard Drive space
  • Defragment files on the Hard Drive

Multi-Point Service Check DOES NOT include items listed below:

  • Replacement parts for non-working hardware.
  • New Anti-virus Software.
  • Extensive malware, spyware, or viral removal and decontamination.
  • Reinstallation of Operating System or installation of new Operating System.