COMPUTER SYSTEMS      (Click here for features and enclosures)

Indian Creek is offering custom built computers available with multiple options. We have been building and using these systems throughout our office and for personal use for over seven years. We highly prefer these systems over the standard, common (commercially) available systems due to the security, software and hardware features listed below.

Sample Desktop Screenshots

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  • Secure - cannot be infected by common circulating viruses
  • Removes risk of having to reformat drive or replace system due to infection
  • Does not require anti-virus software
  • User friendly, simple, and human-oriented
  • Many standard programs, applications, games, etc. pre-installed
  • Clean, safe software downloads from repositories installed automatically with a click of the mouse
  • 45,000+ programs, games and utilities available at no cost
  • Excellent as hosts for VM's (virtual machines - additional or other operating systems)


  • High performance drives and motherboards
  • Very efficient motherboards do not require fans due to low operating temperature
  • Small CPU footprint (see photos above)
  • Cost is kept down by all units being custom built per user needs
  • Use existing monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer
  • Promotes "green computing"

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This operating system and software can also be installed on existing hardware if it meets minimum requirements.

Please call 830-796-7788 to set a time to see a demonstration.