Indian Creek Internet Services, Inc.

Networks and Firewalls


Need help connecting the dots? It can be a challenge to get computers, tablets, phones, audio/video devices, etc. all connected to the intenet. Indian Creek provides network design and firewall configuration and deployment for homes and businesses.

For residential use, our routers are configured with the DD-WRT firmware which is recognized as the industry standard for off-the-shelf security. These routers may also be used for small offices.


To go a step further, businesses should consider the IPAD-2500 for their firewall. The IPAD-2500 is one of a family of router/firewall operating systems which we have used for our own networks for two decades.

For more information, please see IPAD OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. or call us at 1-830-796-7788.

The IPAD-OS is a mature and proven technology that stands alone in the security world as the only operating system that has successfully resisted hacker attack for over two decades without a single exploit. This site is hosted on a server using the IPAD-OS platform.

IPAD is a trademark of eSoft, Inc. used under license by IPAD Owners Association, Inc. iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc. for an unrelated consumer tablet device.